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12:25am Alison Gardner Loved book two Kazembe :) eagerly await book 3!!! Ps: there are some spelling errors and missed words, if you can update this before sending/next batch that would be awesome... thank you so much for the kemetic berial teachings, most enjoyable learnings!!! Already the UK market who I've recommended are now reading it... will send you feedback... and helpful suggestions etc. Once again sincere appreciation with warm gratitude... happy to support both you and AAS. :) Hetepu Alison Gardner
Hetepu beloved, sometime we get inspiration and put them into our books!! saw this and thought of your colorful ancient characters (trilogy)... Cant wait for Book 3 and would love to give feeback on Book 2. Hetepu Alison :)

Ra Heru Khuti travels back in time to prevent the awakening and re-entry back into the world of the spirit of the genius monster, Mortimer Sethe.

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