Press Release - Behutet: The Warrior Within, Volume 1

Brooklyn, NY. April 12th, 2011

Kazembe Bediako aka Shekhem Meter Unnerta releases his latest book, Behutet: The Warrior Within, Volume 1


Filled with romance and suspense, Behutet: The Warrior Within is Kazembe Bediako at his best—an unforgettable story about the surprising paths, the spirit world, and the power of destiny to guide us to our path in life.

The main character, Ra Heru Khuti, is taken from the Kamitic hero, Herukhuti.  Before the creation of such Greek heroes as Ares, Poseidon, Zeus, Apollo, Hercules, Agamemnon etc., there existed the Khamitic legend of Heru of Behutet (Herukhuti)  – who symbolizes the ultimate victory over evil.

Behutet: The Warrior Within is an urban Khamitic legends genre – a true blend of the ancient with the present where dynamic characters transcend time.  Behutet: The Warrior Within has skillfully created a new genre integrating Khamitic cosmology into contemporary lifestyle. The book is set in the predynastic and early dynastic periods of Kamitic history with a parallel storyline in a contemporary setting.  Characters go back and forth transcending time and space. What Westerners call “time travel” is known from an African World View as “trance induction or ancestral communication.”  Many of the characters in the Behutet: The Warrior Within are descendants of ancestors who once walked the earth in ancient times.

Every once in a while a book is published that redefines reality, shatters all boundaries and preconceptions, and dares you to raise the bar of your thinking.Behutet: The Warrior Within is the first, with a long line of firsts that challenges you to change the way you read history and fiction.  Behutet: The Warrior Within is a must read!

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The Warrior Within

Behutet: The Warrior Within
$ 19.99

The Warrior Within