Every once in a while comes a book the redefines reality, shatters all boundaries and peconceptions, and dares you to raise the bar of your thinking. The Behutet Series is the first, with a long line of firsts that change the way you read history and fiction. From the student, to the teacher, to the media enthusiast the Behutet Seriesis for everybody. Read: Behutet: The Warrior Within (The First Book in the Behutet Triolgy) Behutet: The Defeat of the Sebau ( The Second Book in the Behutet Trilogy)
  • Behutet: The Warrior Within: Vol I


    Ra Heru Khuti’s life suddenly turned upside-down when he unearths a suspicious ancient Khamitic (Egyptian) text, the Papyrus Am Tuat. The mysterious Papyrus is sought by the evil genius Sethe who will stop at nothing, including murder, conspiracies and mayhem to get his hands on the Papyrus and rebuild his evil empire. Stinking Face, a ghastly personality of Sethe, brutally assaults Amseth, Ra Heru Khuti’s mother, in pursuit of the Papyrus.

  • The Defeat of the Sebau — Part ii of the Behutet Trilogy


    Ra Heru Khuti and his supporters, (Babkunda-keeper of the Marshlands, Sekhet and Bast, Mangala Kum Ra, Khianga-the Cushite, Kheperaungkhti-the blind sage, and Net Ra), attack the City of Avaris to recover the stolen Papyrus Am Tuat and free Ausara-Kheperaungkhti’s daughter and heir to the ancient kingdom of Kalakun. The City of Avaris counter attacked re-capturing the Papyrus Am Tuat which Sethe needed in order to awaken his evil genius grandfather

  • Behutet: The Destruction of Man - The Last Book of the Behutet Trilogy


    Behutet: The Destruction of Man.  The long awaited final Book in the Behutet Trilogy is filled with exceptional realism and cutting edge authenticity.  This isKazembe Bediako at his best - page after page of riveting suspense.

    Chillingly current and filled with more conspiracy secrets, Behutet: the Destruction of Man transports the reader deep within the most powerful intelligence organization on earth - Sethe’s confederacy -an ultra-secret, multi-billion dollar agency

  • The Tuat Vol. 1 - The Children of the Light and the Magic Temple


    The Tuat is another example of urban Kamitic suspense fiction, blending the ancient with the present where dynamic characters transcend time and space. Bediako continues to expand his knowledge of Kamitic cosmology through the dream (Ausar) and waking (Heru) sequence of ancient Ra Initiation systems into contemporary living. Another long awaited must read!