• Behutet: The Warrior Within
  • The Defeat of the Sebau
  • Behutet: The Destruction of Man
  • Leaves Of Life

The mission of ShepsEnTchaas is to Leverage research and ancient life changing teachings and traditions of Ancient Egypt (Kamit) to unlock the Keys to Health & Longevity through holistic health and wellness.  ShepsEnTchaas is a global Holistic wellness nonprofit organization dedicated to helping underserved communities discover health and rediscover vitality.  ShepsEnTchaas focuses on the root causes of dis-ease and illness which is the emotions.  ShepsEnTchaas promotes awareness of health disparities among underserved communities as well as holistic approaches to prevention and complementary treatment options.  ShepsEnTchaas promotes healing the errors of living through integrating research on modern medicine, holistic practices,  botanicals, Homeopathy,  Qi Gong, Yoga and other wellness approaches in a unique forum specifically targeting the health and spiritual needs of underserved communities.

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