Behutet: The Destruction ofMan.  The long awaited final Book in the Behutet Trilogy is filled with exceptional realism and cutting edge authenticity.  This isKazembe Bediako at his best - page after page of riveting suspense.

Chillingly current and filled with more conspiracy secrets, Behutet: the Destruction of Man transports the reader deep within the most powerful intelligence organization on earth - Sethe’s confederacy -an ultra-secret, multi-billion dollar agency

If a Dare, the great Anu sword master from the land of Cush sacrifices himself to save the holy city of Bambalasam. Sethe destroys the Dam and floods the City.  The king Ra Nefer respons to the distress call.  Sethe  further positions his army to lay seize  around the city.   Ra Heru Khuti and the king Ra Nefer meet Sethe in battle. Ra Heru Khuti loses his eye in battle and learns how Sethe killed his father Ausar and stole his possession. While Ra Heru Khuti searches for his father, Ausar.  Sethe further violates the temple kills the guardian priests and priestesses and steals Tefnut - one half of element that upholds the balance in the world.  Immediately, the world is thrown into chaos.   While Ra Heru Khuti searches for Ausar,  Sethe pursecutes Amseth who hides out in the swamps.   Tehuti, the great sage,  makes Sethe return Ra Heru Khuti’s eye.  Kheperaunghkti fortells his death and the rebirth of Kamit. The Ashemu finds Tefnut and restores the balance in the world. Ra Heru Khuti  transferred his Ka to Ausar. The Ashemu attempts to unite Sethe and Ra Heru Khuti.  In the most deceitful act, Sethe leaves the meeting and kills Kheperaunghkti and further seeks to destroy mankind. The war for Mankind ends with the City ofThebesand Men Nefer preparing to go into inner planes.  There are huge pyramid building schemes.  Oracles readings – the Ausarian ritual in the subterranean vaults.  Sethe appears with his confedereacy on the other side of the meditteraean with armies from Syria etc. Ra Heru Khuti prepares to meet Sethe and his confederacy.  People are questioning the policy since the oracles predict the rise of the West.  The children of Men Nefer andThebeshave awakened.  Their rebirth and resurrection

Behutet: The Destruction of Man is an achingly novel of choices and the triumph of life after death.

Many characters in Greek mythology conceal the Khamitic and the Cretan origins of Greek civilization! Before the creation of such Greek Heroes as Ares, Poseidon, Zeus, Apollo, Hercules, Agamemnon etc., – there existed the Khamitic legend of Heru of Behutet (Herukhuti) – who symbolized the ultimate victory of good over evil with the guidance of the Metu Neter Oracle!

Chillingly current and filled with intrigue, Behutet: the Destruction of Man transports the reader into the most deceiving intelligence organization - Sethe’s Confederacy. 

Every character has the freedom to choose at life’s crossroads and every character chooses their path. Anuk Ausar. What would you do? How do you know if you are making the right choice? Are you human, or are you divine?

The Behutet trilogy is urban Khamitic suspense fiction – a true blend of ancient history with the present – where dynamic characters transcend time. Behutet has skillfully created a new genre integrating Ausarian cosmology into contemporary life. History is being rewritten in front of our very eyes. A long awaited book! A must-read.

Behutet: Destruction of Man
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